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In the lore of many ancient cultures forests are filled with spirits, some good and some evil. The greatest of the good spirits were the woodspirits or woodwose.

Woodspirits are said to be the guardians and lords of the forests and protectors of those who reside within. If you enter the forest with evil intent the woodspirits will see to it the evil befalls you but if you are pure of heart they will protect you. Early hunters entering the forest would knock on large trees to "wake the spirit within" and gain their protection. This is where our saying "knock on wood" comes from.

As a woodspirit carver I simply try to find the spirit in each piece and "free" it. Each piece whether walking stick or bark carving is a one of a kind, handcrafted original and I hope you enjoy viewing my galleries.

Clifford Parker, woodspirit carver

0401 17" X 2 3/4" $40

0402 17 1/2" X 2 3/8" $35

0403 16" X 3" $40 (SOLD)

0404 14" X 2 3/8" $40

0405 13" X 2 3/4" $35 (SOLD)


Sticks 1 Sticks 2 Woodspirits 2